Tim Spencer

Tim Spencer is an AACTA nominated, AWGIE and Green Room Award-winning writer, actor and producer for film, television, online and audio. He is a co-founder of the independent production company Wintergarden Pictures and a screenwriting graduate of the Australian Film Television and Radio School.

His Story 

Tim grew up in the Sydney suburbs hating sport but loving the uniforms. He spent a large amount of his childhood watching (and reciting) Star Wars and Absolutely Fabulous and is thrilled to have found an industry where this is vaguely an asset.

Tim graduated university with a degree that could make him actual money but turned his back on capitalist reality and chose to earn cultural credit in independent theatre, like an idiot. He has since pivoted to independent film production and is now an intelligent billionaire.

After having his heart thoroughly broken in London he continued to fall for charmingly psychotic men, like a disorientated bird that flies into the same windowpane repeatedly.

On the weekends he eats halloumi (the ‘weekend cheese’) and spends hours taking photos that make it look like he has a bubble butt (which he does not).

His Work

Although his superannuation is that of a much younger man, Tim takes consolation by being able to play 25-30. He searches for the truth and humanity in all of his roles and is committed to the craft of acting. You may recognise him from that commercial where he gets fired from his job by a meerkat in a smoking jacket.

He created, co-wrote, starred in, and produced Ding Dong I’m Gay which has over 13 million views on YouTube and garnered the award for Best Performance in a Digital Series at the 2021 Queerty Awards. Since optioning his adult animation Friend Mode to an Australian animation company he continues to develop television and film projects and be the overly enthusiastic guy in writers’ rooms across the country.

His writing is keenly observed and tinged with grief. He thrives when exploring the pathos in comedy, as only someone familiar with loneliness can. His world-building is concise, evocative and intricately linked to character and story.

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