Script Editing

Let me help with your script.

A script editor can be your best friend at any stage of the writing process. Whether you’re stuck with a logline or lost within a fourth draft, I can help with a new perspective that pinpoints how your script can be reworked to grab the attention of producers, funding bodies and audiences.

With over fifteen years of experience devising and writing stories, I can provide tangible, creative and personalised solutions that you can use to take your script to the next level.

My Experience

I am an AACTA nominated and Green Room Award-winning writer with a passion for storytelling structure. I have produced my own work and I have worked with leading development executives so I can tailor your development to your desired outcome.

I know how to construct stories that have the greatest chance of being produced in the current filmmaking landscape. I can help make your life easier if you’re producing your own work  and make sure your story can start building an audience as soon as possible.

A Flexible Approach

You can expect an initial consultation on Zoom so I can get a sense of where you’re at with your story, how you work best and what your goals are. We can then discuss what your budget is and tailor a program to your needs.

Your story is an extension of yourself and I will work with you to enhance your voice and what you want to say about the world. Great scripts are authentic expressions of a writer’s experience that use structure to translate emotions to their audience. It can be a hard process, but it’s easier when you can talk through the problems.

Get In Touch

I can’t wait to hear about your story and why you want to write it. Feel free to ask any questions about my script editing process here.


“Tim asked many questions in order to clarify my vision and help guide me to tell the clearest story relating to my central theme. He was a great listener and offered considered insight which always felt collaborative and sincere.” - Glenn Wallis, Drag Alien Wrestling