2. Hard Out

Please see to it that the following items are available upon the artist’s arrival at the performance venue;
    - 3 x 1.2-litre bottles of Cherry Coke.
    - 1 AppleTM phone charger (USB C).
    - 1 childhood blanket.
    - 1 apology from the artists’ high school boyfriend who started dating her best friend one week after breaking up with her because she sprained her wrist playing volleyball.
    - 1 Nasi Goreng from that restaurant in Brooklyn she really liked that time.
    - 1 (approx.) respect/admiration from her emotionally distant father who she suspects is jealous of her success after giving up his career as a musician to raise her. 

Please lookout for the tech specs from Elias this afternoon, but there shouldn’t be any surprises there. 

In Overthinker Magazine #2 we get into the minutiae of modern life to reach an almost meditative state of detail overload. In this issue, you will find observations and neuroses, suspicions and delusions of grandeur. Send me your thoughts and we’ll get through this, together. 

- T.S

How Gay Is It?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Finale

Gang, the Winter Soldier is NOT GAY, alright? Not even a little bit. He wouldn’t even consider creating a fake female Tinder profile just to check out his competition. Bob Iger is so desperate for clarity on this subject so I feel it behoves me to note that this imaginary character is all straight all the time and has absolutely no gradient in his sexual identity. READ MORE

D.I.Y Kit

Ya Boi does Sponsored Posts for Corporations

tim_spencer Zing Zing! Honestly guys I am so excited to be partnering with Coca-Cola Amatil to celebrate and introduce their amazing new SpriteTM flavours. Yup, you read that right! SpriteTM now has flavours. Or it will, in a few weeks, because *ya boi* got early access to the full range as well as some sweet merch. I’ve seen a lot of merch in my time and let me tell you, this cap, t-shirt and phone-pop-stand are really top quality. READ MORE