1. No Kink at Pride

No jockstraps, no chains, no BDSM.
No ass-cheeks, no nipples, no clefts.
No skin, no flesh and no visible pubic bones.
No pup-play, no pony-play and no fursonas.
Definitely no tails that are also butt-plugs. 
There’s probably more.
I’ll start a Google doc
that we can all add to,
so we have a comprehensive list,
that we can refer to when necessary. 

Welcome to the first issue of Overthinker Magazine, a collection of articles, musings, ephemera, tidbits, neurotic fan fiction, doodles and gay panic. Think of it as a digital scrapbook of ideas, some of which might go on to become projects in their own right, some of which I might regret and disown entirely. It’s playful and inventive and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Send me your thoughts and comments, suggestions and fantasies. Fire off your accounts of everything you’re overthinking for my unqualified, unprofessional advice that might end up published in future issues.

In the spirit of expansiveness and experimentation, let’s overthink everything, together. 

- T.S


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