The Guy Who Screams Elephant

Radio Play, 16 mins, 2016
Produced by ABC Radio National in collaboration with Belvoir Theatre in association with the Ian Reed Foundation.

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Amid the flurry of the self-help and mindfulness industries, the imperative to know ourselves has never been more powerful. But as technology ventures further and further into our minds, what happens when the person we discover in the deepest regions of our psyche doesn’t live up to our expectations?

In this light-hearted sci-fi, we hear Roy’s inner turmoil as he experiences the effect of a new drug that silences the insecure, self-abusive chatter of the subconscious, whilst giving voice to the primal urges of his Id.

Prepared with long sessions of meditation and adult colouring Roy is initially excited by the prospect of a quiet mind. His jubilation quickly evaporates when he meets the high kicking, brightly coloured manifestation of his Id and the secrets it unveils about his personality and childhood. With the help of a stern but encouraging scientist, Roy explores the depths of his own psyche and is disappointed to discover they aren’t as deep as he thought.

Featuring Matthew Whittet as Roy and Sandy Gore as Dr Henderson, The Guy Who Screams Elephant was produced by Jesse Cox, Anthea Williams and Timothy Nicastri.