Literary OnlyFans Review

Howard Roark (@UltimateMan)

Howard Roark’s typically belligerent entry to the world of online nudes is a sporadic display of self-assured narcissism and resting bitch face. Despite his abrasive tone, his single-minded artistry can’t help but inform his precise, angular nudes and (admittedly excellent) architectural sketching vids. It seems that a diet of black coffee and disdain does a body good.

A consummate artist, Roark seems resistant to using the online forum to its full effect. While I appreciate any attempt to expand the horizons of what can often be a reductive factory line of flesh, Roark’s inclusion of his idiosyncratic tirades on the role of the artist in contemporary society do drag on, even if he is shirtless for fourteen minutes.

A struggling architect by trade, it is clear that Roark is supplementing his income and does not seem to be enjoying the process. The run-down, mid-town office where he shoots most of his content provides an engaging texture and mise-en-scene, but sometimes I found myself wondering if he was okay.

Lovers of wiry redheads will find many reasons to re-subscribe. Roark’s angular body and protractor-sharp features are off-putting at first but I found myself drawn to his uncompromising attitude of self-reliance. His few moments of levity come when he finds particular pleasure in the ‘user pays’ format of the OnlyFans website.

A warning: Roark’s channel is exorbitantly priced for an increasingly sporadic release schedule. Requests for specific content are met with vitriolic tirades about the primacy of the artist’s vision and the dangers of socialism. I doubt he will read this review (he writes as much in his bio) but on a technical level, his videos tend to be a little dark. The man could benefit from a ring light.