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tim_spencer Zing Zing! Honestly guys I am so excited to be partnering with Coca-Cola Amatil to celebrate and introduce their amazing new SpriteTM flavours. Yup, you read that right! SpriteTM now has flavours. Or it will, in a few weeks, because *ya boi* got early access to the full range as well as some sweet merch. I’ve seen a lot of merch in my time and let me tell you, this cap, t-shirt and phone-pop-stand are really top quality. AND to maintain consistency with my core values I did confirm with Coca-Cola Amatil that they are all 100% sustainable. When I’m done with them I can add the cap and the t-shirt to my kombucha plant for additional probiotics. Yes, gut health! The phone-pop-stand is unfortunately not recyclable, but honestly, it’s so cute I will be using it until I am in my eighties.

Pro tip! The new SpriteTM flavour that will become your new obsession is Honeydew Melon/ Eucalyptus. At first, I was like, okay? Is this an unconventional challenge, but make it soda? But honestly, it is so refreshing I wish I had enough to bathe in. I’m seriously going to gift it to my nieces this Christmas because it tastes like how a L.O.L doll looks.

Image description - Tim wears a 90% cornstarch SpriteTM cap and mauve muscle shirt while he holds 1.5L bottles of all five new flavours of SpriteTM. He smiles and looks into the middle distance while sitting on a green bicycle in a City of SydneyTM bike lane.

tim_spencer Do you ever get stuck not knowing what movie to watch? I can honestly doom scroll for hours through my eighteen streaming services and nine times out of ten I’ll watch a movie I’ve seen sixteen times before. FML! I told myself I’d be a better person...tomorrow lol.

Or maybe with the Criterion Collection, I can be a better person, today! I’m so excited to partner with Criterion Collection and introduce their new ‘Gay Tears’ library. Honestly, if you want to see stories about swimmers falling in love, period pieces about forbidden desires covered by corsets and even more swimmers discovering their sexuality while wearing speedos, then you will LOVE this. Honestly, if I knew so much coming of age happened at swimming pools I would have joined a team! *wink*

Use code THISISACRYFORHELP at the checkout to get 10 per cent off your first month. And if you’re not personally satisfied with your new cinema vocabulary, at least you can fast forward to see at least one European male butt per film!

Image description - Tim lays in his underwear on a fluffy white rug in front of his 68’ television, the cleft of his butt is seen above the underwear band. He smiles, cheekily and holds the remote control at a charming angle.