Literary OnlyFans Review

Jean Valjean (@I_am_24601)

A self-described ‘bad boy turned good’, this hirsute Frenchman provides an impressive back catalogue of drool-worthy content along with the occasional social justice message.

While his attempts to remain anonymous by either obscuring his face or performing as a headless torso (content warning for aristocrats) do provide a sense of alluring mystery, like most of his fanbase I suspect revealing his true identity would bring a sense of catharsis and bring in more subscribers.

Although we never see his face, Jean is not shy about his previous life in jail for stealing a loaf of bread. However, another kind of French baguette is the star of this channel. You can tell his muscular frame is not just gym-fit but indicative of real physical strength. He could lift a horse-drawn carriage off me any day, only to drop it back on me again. Repeatedly.

Seemingly reluctant to invite anyone into his impressive mansion, Jean’s catalogue of solo vids tend to get a little repetitive. However, it is admirable that all his subscription fees are donated to Les Miserables of Paris, so your continental crank-fest to this desolé daddy is also contributing to a good cause.